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Tony Collins

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter

April 18 2017 , Written by Tony Collins

Summary: Kate has just moved to her dying mother’s hometown, and is having some trouble fitting in. Luckily, she doesn’t have to worry about this for long, because she’s been chosen by a mysterious man named Henry to take something called The Goddess Test. The test sounds easy enough—Kate just needs to live with Henry for six months out of the year, and in exchange she’ll get to spend extra time with her mother. But eleven girls have thus far failed the test, and it seems someone’s out to make sure Kate does, too…

My thoughts: I’m a hardcore Greek Mythology fangirl, so I knew The Goddess Test was something I had to read. And what a fantastic find it was! I absolutely loved Aimee Carter’s debut—I devoured it in a day!

On the Greek mythology front, The Goddess Test delivers. There are references to Gods and Goddesses all over the place! My little heart went pitter-patter every time Demeter, Zeus, or any other Olympian was mentioned. Aimee Carter did fantastic job of blending ancient mythology with the present day—I was astounded at her creativity! The overall concept of The Goddess Test (a girl tested to become the next Persephone) was intriguing, and Aimee Carter pulled it off with finesse. There was never a dull moment, and the more serious aspects of the story (a dying mother; trying to take someone’s place in another person’s heart) were handed with grace.

Kate, the protagonist of The Goddess Test was a very moving character. Her struggles with her mother’s illness were heartbreaking, but through it all she stayed strong. Even though Kate’s life was kind of awful, she still put others before herself and was a genuinely kind person! Her surplus of human decency occasionally frustrated me (I probably wouldn’t have been so forgiving with Ava), but really boosted the story overall.

Though the blurb I read suggested that Henry, the male hero (and modern-day Hades), was one of those dark, brooding (and occasionally annoying) guys, he actually wasn’t! Much to my delight, he had depth and purpose! Though at first I thought him a bit too wimpy for the supposed ruler of the Underworld, I enjoyed his interactions with Kate, and about halfway through the book he really began to grow on me.

I would easily recommend The Goddess Test to fans of YA fantasy and Greek mythology. It’s a quick and occasionally emotional read, and those who are tired of the direction paranormal YA has been taking will be pleasantly surprised.

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