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Tony Collins

Abandon by Meg Cabot

April 18 2017 , Written by Tony Collins

Summary: Two years ago, Pierce died. After escaping the ruler of a certain part of the Underworld, she was able to come back to life. Since returning to her body, Pierce has been different. She’s no longer the kind, motivated individual she once was. Her mother decides to uproot the family and move back to Isla Huesos, hoping for a fresh start. But once Pierce arrives on the island, she bumps into the person she’s been trying to avoid since she died—the death deity that she escaped from two years ago.

My thoughts: It’s been a while since I’ve read a Meg Cabot book—four years, to be exact. I recall really loving her Mediator series, though, so I had high hopes for Abandon. Unfortunately, these hopes were not met.

Abandon starts out in the most frustrating way possible—Meg Cabot leads the reader on teasingly, doling out bits of vague information about Pierce’s experiences with death and only later explaining through flashbacks. Though this tactic is surely meant to be mysterious and exciting, it ultimately proves to be irritating. Unfortunately the strange, erratic pacing continues through the entirety of the novel.

The frustration continues as we meet John, Pierce’s dark and occasionally mean love interest. Towards the end of the book he becomes a bit more understandable, but he still has very little appeal. Pierce herself isn’t anything special, either. Her odd personality change after dying was creative (apparently this is common for those who experience death), but her penchant for crying made her feel weak.

Despite my grievances with the odd pacing and the characters, Abandon was still an enjoyable read. The mysteries of the Underworld were well thought out, and the parallels to the myth of Persephone were interestingly twisted. Fans of Meg Cabot and paranormal romance will likely enjoy Abandon, but it just didn’t work for me.

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